Julia's Platform

Our community deserves fair and honest representation. We start today.

More than ever before in my lifetime, I worry about what is happening in our federal government. Leaders who lie almost daily, character assassinate those they disagree with, and leadership that works to separate us from eachother. We need a state government that can provide protection against deteriorating school, safety, and environmental standards from the Federal government. The time to defend Colorado is now.

Let's fix our politics.

Limitless money in politics has broken our system. Let me be an example of how to run for office with spending limits. I am the only candidate in this race who has accepted Colorado’s voluntary spending limits. Why have I done this? Because big money from a few, high end donors, has hijacked our democracy.

Recall the huge investment made by Koch brothers in the Douglas County schoolboard election, and the influx of Delaware money in the racetrack initiative.  What business do people from Delaware have in deciding whether Parker builds a race track? What right do two brothers in Kansas have to choose who sits on OUR school board?

I will do everything I can to limit the impact of Citizens United by proposing legislation to prohibit dark money and big money inflows on state and local elections. We spend far too much on elections, period. As your senator, I will investigate ways to legislate limits for spending on our elections.

Make our schools shine

The vast majority of our children are educated in public schools.  There was a time when the neighborhood school was the pride of the community. I will help restore that pride by promoting funding of neighborhood schools first.

The public has an enormous investment already in our public schools. As your senator, I will look for ways that Colorado can augment the local investment in public schools. I will also propose investment in pre-K, because so many working families are strapped with child care expenses. I will investigate ways to lower the cost of state college and university for our in-state students, as well as increase community investment in internships, apprentices and vocational training.

Our kids will not be an afterthought. And like the rest of our community, I will directly oppose any attempts to bring vouchers or policies that take our public schools' vital revenue and siphon it to private, unchecked entities.

Teachers are the core of our educational efforts, and they need to be paid attractive wages and have all the tools they need to educate our children. As your representative, I will identify ways Colorado can assist school districts with teacher compensation. I will actively consult with actual teachers and the union representatives to identify what teachers need and how Colorado can help meet these needs.

Protect what's ours.

I will draft, sponsor and crusade for environmental protection laws in our state to compensate for the deregulation happening at the Federal level. I want to ensure that nobody from DC is going to allow big companies to pollute our air or dump industrial waste into our waterways.

I will introduce legislation to provide incentives to convert to renewable energy. I will also oppose laws like recent legislation in Nevada that taxes renewable conversion and makes it unaffordable.

We're are proud of our parks and monuments. In Douglas County, commissioners long ago approved areas for development that should be left alone.  For this reason, I will propose expanding state parks like Roxborough to keep our open space sacred and ensure our community continues to breathe clean air.

Focus on public transit

In 2004, we passed a transportation bond which promised light rail to Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree by 2017. But there's no end in sight. Although that promise is what got our votes and we have been paying the sales tax for it ever since. Once elected, I will push RTD to complete our light rail projects. RTD will be called to account for their delays and together, we'll demand they meet their end of our agreement.

Light rail is inaccessible because of inadequate parking.  I plan to increase parking by building multistory garages where there are now single level parking lots. Multistory parking garages will greatly improve accessibility and protect against elements like hail and snow.

Defend our infrastructure

While there is no indication that it affected the election, we know that attempts were made to hack Colorado's voting system. My background in cybersecurity will allow me to review all of our computer systems and vendors.

After all, the state has many computer systems in addition to our voting system.  Many of them under contract are, or have been, overrun and under-performing (e.g. DMV and food stamps).  My background is well suited to examine these systems and to ensure that the systems we have or procure are able to perform their function at a reasonable cost and with robust security.