Julia's Background

Good government starts at home. That's why I'm running for State Senate.

Home is all about community. I first learned about community from two strong women: my great aunt and my grandmother. Both were the children and grandchildren of pioneers who settled Colorado. They were tough, like me. When I was young, my great aunt told me about how when newcomers came to town, the community would come together and help them build a new house for the new family to live in and offered provisions until the new people got on their feet.

It was difficult for a farmer to harvest his crops alone, but many farmers took on one farm at a time until the crops were all in. When the crops were in, they threw a big party, called a hoe down. It was called a hoe down because growing season was over, you could put your hoe down.

A balance of passion and professionalism

Good government means working in our community. It means serving the people who live there. I have done my best to serve our community. In the 90s, I worked with homeless children in an afterschool program, and it showed me the value of public education. I work with victims of domestic violence, and it showed me the importance of social programs.

I worked in Aerospace and Defense most of my career, but I also took time away while my younger son was young, working real estate and mortgage lending while he was little.

Raising a family, Building a community

After spending 10 years in California, I moved back to Colorado in the 80's to start a family with my husband. Raising two children and being a part of the Denver Metro area during its early growth has inspired me. As new people come in, they add their time and talent to create a rich mixture of backgrounds and traditions. They love, they stay, we all benefit.

Whether it's adding our voice to the Women's March, or grassroots organizations like Indivisble Colorado, it's important to be involved. To listen and to advocate on ways to make our growing community stronger every day.

Colorado Community Roots

In the late 1940s, my Dad came to Denver. As an adopted son of Denver, he devoted himself to community work. In addition to his work on bringing sports franchises to Denver, he worked on the bond drive to develop the Convention Center, on the drive to have a Metropolitan Transportation district, and the Arts and Culture tax. He worked with school districts and on infrastructure projects. Because communities need more than banks and law offices.

A life of learning, not lobbying

  • Wheat Ridge High School
  • University of Missouri
    BA w/honors Economics
  • University of Colorado Denver
    MS Computer Science
  • University of Denver
    PhD Computer Science Systems Engineering
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  • It's time to get back to work

    I recently retired, but I want to continue to give back, and that is why I am running for state senator. Like my ancestors before me, I intend to serve the people of Douglas County by fighting for the people of my district. I will lobby for more money for our children’s education, more individual rights no matter one’s background, and for a cleaner environment. Elect me to do the tough work. I am ready to fight for you! Are you willing to join me? Learn how to get involved here.