Julia's Platform Snapshot

We have a lot to do. Here's where we start.

Properly fund Schools

The surest road to a fair and open society is education.

I oppose vouchers, and tax breaks for private institutions that have the same effect as vouchers.

Fix Colorado's Traffic

We don't need more tax revenue to build a better highway. We need better leadership who won't bow to contractors or special interests.

RTD must also be forced to follow-through on its stalled promise to bring light rail into Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree.

Protect our Democracy

We must keep the people in our politics by working to overturn campaign finance mistakes like Citizens United.

Our aging public records system must be secured from foreign tampering.

But I need your help

So let's get going!

Donate a dinner!

We believe with many small donations we can get the word out and combat big money.

Will you please donate the value of a dinner for your family to help Julia fight for us?

Spread the word and volunteer

We need people to get out the vote! We are going to make 2018 the largest midterm turnout ever. We've got easy-to-follow tips you can use to tell your friends and community where, how and when to vote.